Meet the Studio

Dr. Kyle Vanderburg

Composer Kyle Vanderburg (b. 1986) grew up in southeast Missouri where the Ozark foothills meet the Mississippi River valley. Raised on southern gospel and American hymnody, his music tries to walk the line between eliciting nostalgia and devising innovative sonic worlds. His electronic works often play with familiar sounds in new contexts; his acoustic works feature memorable melodies and a very fluid sense of time.

Vanderburg's music has been heard abroad at conferences and festivals including the International Computer Music Conference, the Society for Electro-Acoustic Music in the United States, the Symposium on Acoustic Ecology, the North American Saxophone Alliance, ClarinetFest, and at other events across Europe, Australia, and the Americas.

He holds an AB from Drury University, an MM and DMA from the University of Oklahoma, and a certificate in publishing from North Dakota State University, studying under composers Carlyle Sharpe, Marvin Lamb, Konstantinos Karathanasis, and Roland Barrett. He is currently Assistant Professor of Practice and Composer in Residence at North Dakota State University.


Nick Hovey

Nick is a senior pursuing a Bachelor of Music in Vocal Music Education.

Connor McCormick

Connor McCormick is a student composer attending the Challey School of Music. He is in his junior year and plans to graduate in 2023 with a bachelor's in Music Composition. Primarily a composer for instrumental wind ensembles, Connor has had works performed by numerous chamber groups at NDSU.

Floyd Althoff

Floyd is a senior pursuing a Bachelor of Music in Vocal Performance.

Luke Anderson

Luke is pursuing a Bachelor of Music in Vocal Music Education

Austin Fitterer

Austin Fitterer is in his second year at NDSU and is obtaining a Bachelor of Arts in music along with a minor in psychology. Austin participates in several co-curriculars and ensembles at NDSU, including Madrigal Singers, Opera Scenes, and the Concert Choir, where he currently serves as the secretary on the choir board. His plans after graduation include pursuing graduate work in vocal performance and music theory pedagogy. Several of Austin's musical interests include vocal and choral repertoire as well as composition for vocalists. This is Austin's first year of composition study under Dr. Vanderburg. Outside of university studies, Austin enjoys Dungeons and Dragons and reading dystopian fiction.

Angelana Quanbeck

Angelana is a junior pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Music.

Alex Seefeldt

Alex Seefeldt is a composer from Fargo, North Dakota. His primary interest is writing music that shows forth the beauty of the Catholic faith and serves to dispose people to worship in the liturgy. Through his work, Alex aims to be a part of the evolving conversation on Catholic liturgical music in the 21st century.

Alex received his Bachelor of Arts in Choral and Liturgical Composition from the Saint John’s University in 2018. During his time there, he sang in the school’s Chamber Choir under Dr. Axel Theimer and served as Music Director and primary arranger for the campus all-men’s a cappella group Johnnie Blend.

Alex currently works as a content specialist and software developer for Source & Summit, a liturgical music publishing startup with a focus on digital services.

Jessica Spencer

Jessica Spencer is a music education major. She has been studying clarinet and composition for 2 years. Jessica has a particular interest in Chamber music and loves to play euphonium for fun. She recently completed 2 pieces one for solo clarinet and piano accompaniment and the other for clarinet trio. Her music is influenced by Bach, Beethoven, and Poulenc. Her main goal in composing is to write music people want to play and listen to.

Madeleine White

Madeleine is a senior pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Musical Laboratory Sciences and a minor in Music.

Spencer Johnson

Spencer is a sophomore pursuing a Bachelor of Music in Composition.

Jon Meier

Jon was born at a very young age.

Nick Palmer

Nick is a sophomore pursuing a Bachelor of Music in Instrumental Music Education.

Liz Wilhelmi

Liz is a freshman pursuing a Bachelor of Music in Vocal Music Performance.